Natural Stone Retaining Walls Pittsburgh

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Natural Stone Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh

Natural stone retaining walls can fall under three headings:

1. Naturally Occurring Stone Retaining Walls:

Constructed from Fieldstone, Sandstone,  Pa. Mountain Stone (a quarried product, Colonial Stone (Flagstone).  Stone is either dry stacked or mortared with Geogrid.  Stone thickness can be 1” – 3”, 2” – 4”, 3” – 6” or sized at 2”, 4” or 6” in thickness.  Nominal wall thickness is a foot and wall can either be capped with Sandstone, Flagstone or Bluestone.

2. Sandstone or Mountain Stone Boulder Retaining Walls:

These are constructed from quarried stone and are commonly used for retaining walls of any height. Large stones are typically 3’ x 2’ x 1’ (L x W x H) and then smaller sized boulders are used as fill or as small standalone wall stone.  Wall is dry stacked with a batter and Geogrid is applied as necessary to lock the wall into the back fill.

3. Repurposed Sandstone Retaining Walls:

These are constructed from stones that are altered (chiseled, hammered, split, rock faced, and feathered & wedged) to form tightly constructed walls with small gaps. In this case, the wall surface can appear very uniform. Walls can be dry stacked or mortared.

In Western Pennsylvania the natural rock that is prevalent and available is either Limestone or Sandstone. Either of which can be worked to achieve the Rock, Boulder or Stone look for your new stone walls in Pittsburgh from Wichman Landscape Construction. Call us today at (412) 760-8524 for a FREE quote!

– Visit our retaining wall technical specifications page to learn and understand the basics of hardscape wall construction.

Mr. Wichman was very professional and knowledgeable. He replaced our back patio with a beautiful flagstone finish. The old patio was removed and excavated. New base of stone chips tamped down. Mr. Wichman was open to discussion as work was being completed to accommodate alterations in original plans. Work was completed in a very timely manner. The laborers were polite and hard working. They cleaned up very nicely after the project was completed. Thank you for your service manners, for your suggestions and one on one phone conversations.

Kathy B.

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