Pittsburgh Residential Landscape Design

“The beautiful is in nature, and it is encountered under the most diverse forms of reality.  Once it is found it belongs to art, or rather to the artist who discovers it.”
– Gustave Courbet

Pittsburgh Residential Landscape Design

Whether you have just purchased a new home that is situated on a barren piece of land, decided it is time to spruce up the old site or you simply desire to transform your current frontage into a dramatic welcoming and eye-catching scene; it is time for a Pittsburgh Residential Landscape Design Pro to assist you in enhancing your property and improving curb appeal.

First, a detailed property assessment will be made. Gardening factors to consider in the plant selection process are: soil type, sun exposure, drainage, existing plants and structures that may provide shade. Once all of the aforementioned points have been determined, Wichman Landscape Construction will combine those factors to create a residential landscape design for your Pittsburgh home that is one of a kind and uniquely yours.

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Pittsburgh Residential Landscaping

Creation of your envisioned utopia begins with a consultation to assess your needs, desires and address all aspects of your property to create your exquisite Pittsburgh landscape design plan. Several questions will be posed to you. It will be helpful for you to address some of these questions beforehand; this will enable you to clearly express the things that you would like included when considering plant choices and design aspects.

First, determine your budget for your residential landscape design project. Lower budgets will require planting younger and smaller specimens that will fill in empty spaces in between as they grow over time. These spaces can be filled in with colorful annuals in the meantime. Larger budgets will allow for denser plantings and larger trees and shrubs, thus leaving less space to fill in. You should also consider how much maintenance you are willing to devote to your completed landscape so that plants can be selected accordingly.

Consider what types of plants you find most pleasing to your eye. You may prefer ornamental foliage of varying greens, greys and blues. Perhaps you adore the ushering in of spring’s splendor when the blooms of yellow forsythias, beautiful white pear or pink dogwoods and brilliant azaleas color the scene. Consider your color preferences as well. Some adore the rainbow look of an English cottage garden, others prefer various blooms in several shades of a single hue, and still others embrace the current color trends.

Think about the overall structure or theme that you envision for your Pittsburgh landscape design. For example, an English style garden will feature lines of hedge, typically created with boxwoods or dwarf hollies, filled in with colorful flora. Vertical gardening is very popular, in which flowering vines and ivy climb up trellises and arbors. Determine any personal needs, such as whether anyone in the home is allergic to any particular flowers or trees. If there is a culinary enthusiast in your family, you may wish to incorporate attractive and aromatic fresh herbs into your garden plan.

Pittsburgh is in the plant hardiness zones of 5, so preliminary choices will be made accordingly. Plan your budget realistically and prepare yourself for the questions that you will be asked on your design consultation. Wichman Landscape Construction will do the rest, creating such a stunning environment around your home that you just may not ever want to come in. Call us today for a free quote at (412) 760-8524!

I was very impressed with the level of work each day and the clean-up was terrific. Mr. Wichman very was professional I would highly recommend this company.

Paul W.

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