“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
– Edgar Degas

Aquatic Design

Because most homeowners typically spend whatever precious time they have fixing up their property that will be seen by others. Why not therefore, install an aquatic design like a pond, water garden, fountain or waterfall to enhance that attention.  Imagine, stepping through the backdoor of your home into your own calm and relaxing oasis, and instantly feeling as if you’re on vacation somewhere far away.

Wichman Landscape Construction can transform your boring backyard into a tranquil retreat by installing a large or small fountain, a breathtaking Koi pond or calming pond less water fall system. Whether your yard is large or small, there are many options to meet your need and your budget.

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For example, when choosing and planning your Aquatic Design, make sure that it fits in with the composition of your garden, perhaps using materials that feature elsewhere in the design.

Look at the use of waterproof masonry, such as concrete, will seal in the water in your feature, whether it is a raised or sunken pool or line it with a waterproof membrane such as polyethylene or PVC. Do not add any decoration that could puncture the waterproof layer or liner, and ensure that any joints where inlet and outlet piping enter the pool are fully watertight.

Natural-looking water features, such as artificial streams or wildlife ponds, are usually irregularly shaped, and lined with flexible waterproof materials. Design the pond to make sure it is deep enough to allow desired rooting to take place and that in the Pittsburgh area it will not freeze.  Whether it is a stream or waterfall make sure there is a header or reservoir at the top to insure a constant even flow of water down through the system into a large holding reservoir.  Cover the edges of your pond or stream with planting or flat stones to conceal the waterproof membrane.

Therefore, while many of the standard landscaping options, such as patios and colorful plantings, will give your home a pleasant atmosphere for playing outside with your children or barbequing with friends, the truly stunning addition of a water feature will take it over the top. Of course, to make it even more appealing, you could accent your new pond with submersible lighting and surround the area with lush landscaping and beautiful walkways. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

A consultation with a Wichman professional will show you all of the many possibilities for transforming your backyard into a unique, relaxing getaway.

I was very impressed with the level of work each day and the clean-up was terrific. Mr. Wichman very was professional I would highly recommend this company.

Paul W.

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