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“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
– Alberto Giacometti

Pittsburgh Stone Fire Pit

A stone fire pit can incorporate several designated design themes, from a conversational seating arrangement around a fire pit to a design with seating set in front of the fire pit.  In addition to designing your fire pit as an extension of your patio; Wichman Landscape Construction can also install attractive lighting options for when those evening conversations continue after the sun recedes. From basic and simple to complex and elegant, we are the Pittsburgh fire pit installation experts!

Piped in LPG or LNG can set to feed the burners  or if you prefer, then the good old wood burning  is available.   All you will need to do is add some whimsical garden décor, a few boldly colored and patterned cushions to infuse personal flare in your Pittsburgh landscaping design, and then enjoy the good life outdoors around your stone fire pit.

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Conversely, for the daring chef who desires is to mimic the days of “ole” with savory cuts of grilled meats, there is a more European way to entertain.  For example:   in Germany’s Saar region, the round paver fire pit is the perfect setting for the traditional Schwenker Grill or swing grill, which is used to cook very savory and tasty dishes;  to the traditional Argentina way, which uses a specially made grill called a Parrilla Grill that is built into the traditional fire place where hot embers are fed onto the hearth and spread under an adjustable rack. Both are “ole” world proven, yet simple and excellent ways to entertain guests for a nice relaxing dinner party centered around your Pittsburgh stone fire pit.

Wichman Landscape Construction offers the necessary product design services to create that perfect and unique outdoor fire pit & fireplace design that you’ve been dreaming of.   Therefore, to assist the homeowner, Wichman Landscape Construction has embedded Technical Specifications for Fire Pits to help with the design.  In our technical specification bulletin, we offer links to work that Wichman has installed as well as pins to other projects.  Please free feel to pursue the wealth of info on the web.  It will most certainly help you decide what to budget for your project.  When done with care and forethought, the result will be a showcase in outdoor haut cuisine.

Excellent job fantastic crew.

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