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“Art is made to disturb.  Science reassures.  There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.”
– George Braque

Paver Driveway Contractors in Pittsburgh

From the moment a car pulls into your driveway, guests will feel drawn in as they park on a beautifully designed paver driveway.  Gone are the days of the ubiquitous blacktop or concrete pad driveway. Now your driveway can have a more regal feel by incorporating the antique look of paving stones, cobble stones, brick inlays, gravel or even a permeable stone. This added visual detail and elegance will provide your driveway with a stately old world feel. All of this can be yours by calling Wichman Landscape Construction, the trusted driveway contractors in Pittsburgh, at (412) 760-8524 for a free consultation.

Although you may be planning to do ordinary driveway paving, you should consider using paving stones if you live in Pittsburgh. During our wet winters, water expands as it freezes under pavement, causing it to lift and stretch. When the ice thaws, the pavement cracks and buckles. This affects asphalt, concrete and stamped concrete. Paving stones are individual units, so freezing and thawing cycles do not damage them. In fact, concrete pavers have up to four times the strength of traditional concrete.

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 Paving Stone Driveways Add Variety

There is an amazing variety of driveway paving stones available in Pittsburgh to driveway contractors. You can bring European charm to your property with the look of Old World cobblestone pavement. With random patterns and soft textures, these paver driveways bring to mind the early stone manor houses.

Another choice is the natural beauty of paving stones designed to blend with the environment. Cast directly from their stone counterparts, these pavers provide the look of genuine stone without the structural irregularities.

Check out a permeable paving stone driveway if you need extra erosion control or storm water management. Unlike concrete or asphalt driveway paving, permeable paving stones allow water to return naturally into the ground. A water collection system can route the water from your home’s downspouts and driveway into a specially designed garden of water-loving plants. This allows the water to dissipate slowly into the environment. Some permeable pavers are made with recycled materials.

There are hundreds of other combinations of driveway paving stone styles and colors available. These include parchment and silk impressions as well as weathered brick pavers. No matter which style or color you choose, you can be confident of superior beauty, strength and durability when you chose a paver driveway.

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