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Backyard Bocce Ball Courts in Pittsburgh

Are you ready to install a backyard Bocce Ball court at your Pittsburgh home? Whether you want to just play an occasional game or have a tournament, your Bocce court will be the foundation for a grand family tradition as well as a wise investment.  Wichman Landscape Construction will install the playing surface per your specifications.  Whether it is Limestone sand, crushed Oyster shells  or a Har-Tru™ playing surface, Wichman Landscape Construction will install the court per regulation to suit your needs while making it fit the overall landscape design of your home.

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Bocce ball is a remarkably inclusive sport for all ages and all levels of ability. Anyone who is able throw the ball can participate. We can implement landscape design techniques to make your court fully accessible for physically challenged players or anyone who may need to use a wheelchair.

With many years of experience building backyard bocce ball courts, we are able to construct your court according to International Bocce Federation standards. These courts are 91 feet long by 13 feet wide; however, a court that is 60 feet by 10 feet is fully adequate for all playing levels. In any event, we can adjust the size to fit your available space and personal preferences.

The foundation of your bocce ball court will include a drainage system to prevent flooding even in the most severe Pittsburgh rainstorms. The hard-packed playing surface will be level and smooth. A preferred surface is a mix of crushed oyster shell and clay; this is topped with oyster shell flour. Some other surface options are decomposed granite, limestone and brick dust.

At Wichman Landscape Construction, we work closely with our customers from the initial design to the final product to ensure we meet all your Pittsburgh landscape design needs. We provide a comfortable and understandable process throughout the entire project to bring your ideal landscape to life. Whether we are creating a backyard bocce ball court or a full Pittsburgh hardscape, we promise to provide an exceptional, pleasantly surprising experience.

I thought Jeff and his team were fast, efficient, easy to work with and affordable. I would definitely hire them again! Very professional and helpful.

Stacey L.

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