Ponds & Waterfalls

Pond and waterfall Landscape DesignIf you’re like many homeowners in the Pittsburgh area, you’ve probably given careful consideration to the first impression the front of your home gives visitors and neighbors as they pass by. Everyone knows that the curb appeal of a home is very important. However, the backyard is where homeowners and their families actually spend most of their time, so why is it that all too often it gets the least attention?

Maybe it’s because most homeowners typically spend whatever precious time they have fixing up the areas that will be seen by others. When it comes time to work on the backyard, they’re either out ideas, can’t find the time or are just too overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. It can be enough to make you go back inside. Now, imagine stepping through the backdoor of your home into your own calm and relaxing oasis, and instantly feeling as if you’re on vacation somewhere far away.

Wichman Landscape can transform your boring backyard into a tranquil retreat by installing a breathtaking koi pond or calming water feature. Whether your yard is large or small, there are many options to meet your needs and your budget. A consultation with a Wichman professional will show you all of the many possibilities for transforming your Pittsburgh home’s backyard into a unique, relaxing getaway.

Many of the standard landscaping options, such as patios and colorful plantings, will give your home a pleasant atmosphere for playing outside with your children or barbequing with friends. However, if you want something truly exceptional and inviting, picture having your own glistening pond with brightly colored koi splashing under a spectacular waterfall. Of course, to make it even more appealing, you could accent your new pond with submersible lighting and surround the area with lush landscaping and beautiful walkways. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Accent Your Backyard Water Feature with Landscape Lighting

With the added features of lighting and landscaping, your yard will be transformed into an amazing getaway that’s perfect for enjoying both day and night. Your new water garden and landscaped walkways will create the perfect atmosphere for spending a leisurely afternoon outdoors in the sun. By installing submersible lighting, your pond or water feature will come alive at night, making it the perfect setting for hosting an outdoor evening with friends.

Perhaps you’re thinking this all sounds magnificent, but you just don’t have the space. If your backyard area is limited or you only want to create a small water feature within your backyard, Wichman’s professional designers can create an equally inviting and relaxing atmosphere by installing an ornamental water garden or water feature on a smaller scale.

Whether you’re out of ideas, can’t find the time or are just a bit overwhelmed by the idea of fixing up your backyard, a Wichman Landscape professional can help you envision the potential your backyard has to offer. By surveying your property and listening carefully to your needs, they’ll be able to design a plan that’s perfect for creating your special getaway right in your own backyard. Contact a Wichman representative today, and you’ll be one step closer to feeling like you’re on vacation without ever leaving the Pittsburgh area.

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